Sensible Friend Services
   For Practical Home and Photograph Solutions

Here at Sensible Friend Services we are enthusiastic organisers and declutterers who love creating order from chaos and helping people get their lives running smoothly so that they can get on with enjoying the bits that matter. 

  1. Bullet  Do you intend to have a clear out but never find the time?

  2. Bullet  New baby on the way or about to move house? 

  3. Bullet  Lots of precious photographs that you never see?

  4. Bullet  House getting on top of you but you don’t know where to start?

  5. Bullet  Paperwork getting a little out of control?

  6. Bullet  Would you like to “clear the clutter” and “sling the stuff”?

  7. Bullet  Need a practical pair of hands and eyes to help get you started?

  Let’s get it sorted  

Call for a free consultation and see how we can help you rediscover the joy of your home and photographs.

We are based in Pangbourne, West Berkshire UK and also cover Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. 

Phone: 07712002930